Explosion in Kopenhagen killed 3 People

Explosion in Kopenhagen killed 3 People

Three people killed in one explosion in an apartment at Copenhagen downtown, Denmark, Sunday (11/12/2011), which according to police is a crime action.

Explosion in Kopenhagen killed 3 People

Police and local emergency service was reckoned that the explosion happened in afternoon. They found three victims, two men and one woman, in some different places in the apartment.

According to Denmark News office, Ritzau, two men have seriously injured and brought to Copenhagen University Hospital, but then they died. Meanwhile, the female victim was died not long after the explosion.

“We suspect, there might be criminal behind this. It’s all I can say at this time,” said Vice Inspector Lau Thygesen from Copenhagen Police Department, in statement quoted by Ritzau.

Police confirmed three victims have relations each other. According to Denmark Media, TV2, victims consisted of 34 years old female, her husband (38), and a 69 years old man who’s a father from one of the couple.

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