Facebook Banning Pastor Had Three Way Affair

Reverend Cedric Miller who became famous for putting a ban on the leaders of his church to use Facebook as he regarded it to be a gateway to extra marital affairs, has been convicted to be involved in a sexual relationship which was three-way including his wife, an assistant from the church and the pastor himself.

This was accepted in a testimony given by Miller in one of the criminal cases in which the assistant was convicted. He further told that the wife of the assistant was also present sometimes.

The use of Facebook was banned by him on the concern that it serves to reunite those people who have been girlfriends and boyfriends back in their past and their feelings are revived through this form of social networking.

Miller reported that most of the couples that he had to provide counseling as they were on the verge of breakup were a victim of Facebook so he had serious reservations against it.

In the testimony, the pastor gave many other details regarding their frequent encounters which mostly used to occur on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays in their house once they were free from church and referred to them as enjoyable ones in which they had no limits.

When the assistant was accused of sleeping with many other women, their meetings finally came to an end.

The pastor exclaims that he wants to exert all his efforts to preserve the fragile and delicate threads of marriages and help the people strengthen their relationships.

In this regard he also had quit the Facebook and has given this option to the leaders of the church to make a choice between keeping their jobs and being on Facebook.