Facebook Sets Guidelines to Encourage Stronger Bonding with News Industry

Facebook has recently introduced major guidelines to improve its relation with the media sector. This will open ways to jointly work on product development and better ways for publishers to make profits and offer training for readers and newsrooms.

The Facebook Journalism Project is aimed at ensuring higher security of the social network’s part on the distribution of news. The company has been frequently criticized for failing to prevent the spread of nonfactual news, which was heavily noticed US presidential election. On the other hand, both Google and Facebook are major shareholders of all online advertising revenues while newsrooms run in losses and are forced to make lay-offs

Some of the measures in the Facebook Journalism Project have been launched separately earlier, though the announcement defines facebook’s commitment to the news content publishing house provides.

Facebook has been focusing on this for quite long now. Its media partners expect increased engagement both at content/engineering and business level.  The program is expected to increase news feed values adding more quality, credibility, and entertainment. The program is aimed at empowering journalism as part of the ‘inform’ axis.

Unlike the traditional media, facebook is technology innovation company that helps people connect and keep them informed. Hence, it needs to diligently work with the media industry. Prior to the announcement facebook appointed Campbell Brown the former CNN anchor to head the news partnerships team.

Several major media organizations have already engaged in talks with facebook’s news partnership team on a regular basis, but now they will be provided with a cutting-edge technology developed by the engineering team of the company. The technology will devise the news format and identify the structure of a storyline and an advertisement with the help of both the technology and the media team. It is expected to take a shape of roundtables, shared online groups and hackathons. In addition, facebook is also aiming to encourage news literacy amongst its users by measures such as the launch of a series of public service ads.

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