Fatal & incurable virus traced in UK: Killer of thousands of Lambs

It’s not a new story that flies are considered to be carriers. A recent occurrence proved the point once again. It’s been reckoned that midges, a type of fly belonging to Chironomidae family, brought in Schmallenberg, a type of virus to Britain during their last autumn transit from continental Europe. As per news reports, the virus is killing new born lambs. The lambs are found to be born with severe deformities, which are in fact so dangerous that the lambs die within a matter of seconds. The virus took the death toll to 17 on around 1,700 lambs that were born at Mayfield Farm near Mildenhall in Suffolk.

When some farmers were interviewed, they were spotted quoting that they found the lambs with legs fused together that were actually tucked underneath. Moreover, the underdeveloped head was angular. While few others stated that they spotted the lambs to be really unhealthy, with jaws undershot survived hardly for a minute.

The virus is found to be potentially not harmful for humans, but fatal for few animals. Schmallenberg was first identified in November in Germany, followed by its traces in Belgium France and Scotland too. The fatality has reached such a level that farmers have got really scared now, of predictions of the upcoming situations, as the fatalities have really disturbed them financially. Every healthy lamb is sold for 100 sterling in the market. Local authorities have asked every farmer to provide blood samples of their lambs.

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