Fernando Valenzuela

ESPN has a documentary series which is to be based with the Fernando Nation. It is directed by Cruz Angeles who was born in Mexico, but was raised in Los Angeles.He is currently living in the area of Brooklyn, New York. Not only is it a portrayal of the rapidprogressof Fernando Valenzuela who was at the topmost in 1981, but it is probably the first document on the societalsituations of Latin American community in this period.

Firstly, the dilemma of the people of Chavez Ravine in the Dodgers moving to Los Angeles is discussed by Cruz Angeles in the documentary. Cruz Angeles stated that one cannot mention Fernando-Mania without bringing Chavez Ravine as well. Angeles delves into the agonizing Latin community in Los Angeleswhile thinking about the Dodgers, he said in an interview he gaveto Dolores Huerta, who is the vice president of emeritus United Farm Workers of America.

Walter O’Malley always desired to find the “Mexican Sandy Koufax” in the Latin nation as he knew about the money making potential in these. Thanks to scout Mike Brito, Valenzuela was finally caught by them.

Valenzuela’s great 8-0 start in 1981, thanks to Paul Haddad who is an old fan of his, was brought forward on the radio this year – although it is apparent that the 50 minutes limit is really injustice to documentaries.

Prior to 1981 the documentary shows a very well filmed idea of the situations. After which it catches real pace which makes it difficult for the baseball fans to enjoy the character of Fernando Valenzuela. It is regretted by Cruz Angeles what he had to cut Bobby Castillo Valenzuela teaching psycho.

Even though there were a few errors and shortcomings, “Fernando of the nation” still looks strong for everyone and will always continue to be that way.