FFR Technique to Gain Recognition across Healthcare Organizations in the Coming Times

Guidewires are majorly used during the cardiovascular treatments. These wires navigate vessels to reach the lesion segment in the heart and basically acts as the guide as soon as the tip of the guidewire reaches to its endpoint. It can help in the easy and efficient treatment of the several cardiovascular surgeries which are quite complex to perform.

Development in angioplasty procedure has driven the demand for pressure guidewire across the globe. Several healthcare professionals are adapting this technique. This will positively impact the growth for pressure guidewire worldwide. According to a report, the worldwide market is likely to cross US$ 538 million during the forecast period (2016-2024). The industry will grow at a healthy CAGR of more than 10% during the aforementioned period.

The rise of FFR technology

Several research institutions along with the health organizations have lately augmented the use of fractional flow reserve technology (FFR), eventually, boosting the demand for pressure guidewire. FFR technology is said to bring enhanced and more effective techniques for angioplasty procedures. FFR technique is simply used during the process of coronary angiography. The process uses pressure guidewire in order to analyze the ratio amid coronary artery stenosis and coronary pressure distal.

Since the past few years, laboratories performing cardiac catheterization are using FFR measurement method. Cardiac catheterization procedure provides cardiac output and oxygen saturation measurements along with intracardiac pressure, measured by FFR. FFR have essential benefits to be gained by both heart institutions and patients as the process has greater clinical results along with significant cost savings. Pressure guidewire also finds major use in CTO PCI to form a wider opening in the arteries that restores the blood flow. The procedure requires an expert recommendation from highly veteran physicians.

According to a report, Openses, the leading manufacturer of fiber optic sensors aims to be the global leader in the coming times. Its novel product, OptoWire is the fiber optic guidewire which is nitinol based. OptoWire efficiently offers intra-coronary blood pressure measurements. OptoWire aids the cardiologist to provide optimum performance to direct the cross blockages and coronary arteries with more security and ease.

North America is witnessing high demand for the FFR technique

Expansion in cardiovascular cases in the region among both men and women has boosted the demand for pressure guidewire exponentially. As stated by the Journal of American College of Cardiology, the estimated deaths caused by cardiovascular diseases in the region accounts for 17 million deaths per year. The number is likely to increase around 23 million by the end of 2030.

The rising threats of acute coronary syndrome in the region are propelling the adoption of pressure guidewire. Also, the escalating geriatric populace in the region is influencing the growth of pressure guidewire in the region.

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FFR technique regulates accuracy along with zero drift performance and also avoids unnecessary medical procedures. It also determines the requirement of PCI procedures for the patient. Thus, these benefits of FFR techniques is significantly boosting the development of pressure guidewires in the region.

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