Fire could be controlled, 9 people got injury

Russian Nuclear Submarine Was Burned

At least nine firefighter is injured because of inhaled too many smoke in Yekaterinburg nuclear submarine fire incident near Murmansk, North Russia, Friday (30/12/2011).

Russian Nuclear Submarine Was Burned

Russian Emergency State Ministry, Sergei Shoigu said that the fire could be controlled around 01.40 in early morning Moskwa time (04.40 Indonesia Time), or about nine hours after the fire started to burn, Thursday night at local time. The fire is expected to be totally extinguished in the next several hours.

The fire started from wood structure built around the submarine which is on maintenance in Roslyakovo shipyard near the main headquarter of Russia Navy North Armada in Severomorsk. Fire was spread got larger quickly and spread to outside part of submarine.

“To stop the fire burning once again, the ship would be put into the water before returned to previous position,” said the Russian Ministry of Defense spokesman, Igor Konashenkov.

Konashenkov said, there’s no radiation danger from the nuclear powered submarine, since all missile with nuclear warheads have been removed and two main powerhouse nuclear reactor in the submarine has been shut down before the submarine started to be repaired.

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