Flexible Epoxy Resins Market 2025: Top Key Players KUKDO CHEMICAL (KUNSHAN) CO., LTD., Olin Corporation

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Flexible epoxy resins are the common pre-polymers utilized in the various industries such as coatings, adhesives, high performance composites etc. Flexible Epoxy Resins are the liquid epoxy resins that achieve both high reliability and flexible toughness in order to resolve the problems of the conventional products such as PCT resistance, high temperature exposure durability, and alkali resistance. These resins are also termed as brittle materials with high strength. Various properties like high elongation, flexibility and low modulus are generally associated with silicones and polyurethanes. Flexible epoxy resins are mainly utilized for the pressure-sensitive electronic devices and also for the manufacturing of silicon-free thermally conductive foils. Further, they are utilized in the adhesive applications, where these materials can reduce mechanical stress within the bond line, caused by the thermal mismatch of bonded substrates.

There are various types of flexible epoxy resins are available in the market which include urethane modified, rubber modified and dimer acid etc.

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Global Flexible Epoxy Resins Market: Segmentation

The global Flexible Epoxy Resins market can be segmented on the basis of type and application

Based on type, the global flexible epoxy resins market can be segmented into

  • Rubber modified
  • Urethane modified
  • Dimer Acid

Based on the application, the global flexible epoxy resin market can be segmented into

  • Paints & Coatings
  • Adhesives
  • Composites
  • Electrical Laminates
  • Others (toolings, etc.)

Global Flexible Epoxy Resins Market: Dynamics

There has been a significant growth in the paints & coatings industry in the developing countries over the recent past. Paints and coatings industry includes decorative paints, which are largely used for commercial and residential purposes and industrial paints, which are used across end-use industries such as railways, automotive, and marine, etc. Coatings with excellent low temperature flexibility, generally consists of about 80% content of the epoxy resin. Combination of awareness regarding environmental issues and harmful industrial processes and also depleting petroleum-based resources has impelled research in developing materials from renewable resources. Thus, flexible epoxy resins are widely utilized in the paints & coatings industry.

Flexible epoxy resins are widely utilized in the adhesives, sealants, fiber reinforced composites and the electronics industry owing to their outstanding surface properties like ease of cure, low shrinkage and possessing good moisture and excellent adhesion performances.

Introduction of bio-based flexible epoxy resins in the market is one of the key trends identified in the global flexible epoxy resins market over the forecast period. Growing economic and environmental concerns as well as uncertainty that accompanies limited petrochemical resources has caused a rapid increase in the research and development of the bio-based polymers and epoxy resins in the recent years. Commercially epoxy resins are synthesized from cycloaliphatic epoxies, DGEBA or diglycidal ethers of Novolac resins. Renewable natural resources, such as starches and plant oils have attracted interests as building block for the polymers because of their environmental-friendly nature, low costa and their ability to be epoxidized facilely, yielding the bio-based epoxy resins

Global Flexible Epoxy Resins Market: Regional Outlook

Globally, the flexible epoxy resins market is estimated to be dominated by the Asia-Pacific region. Owing to the rising demand from the developing countries such as China and India for the paints & coatings and adhesives application. This, in turn will boost the demand for the flexible epoxy resins in the region over the forecast period. Europe and North America are expected to show moderate growth over the next decade on the flexible epoxy resins market. Middle East & Africa and Latin America are anticipated to grow at a slow growth rate over the near future.


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Global Flexible Epoxy Resins Market: Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants identified across the value chain of the global Flexible Epoxy Resins market include Hexion, KUKDO CHEMICAL (KUNSHAN) CO., LTD., Olin Corporation, Huntsman International LLC, Aditya Birla Chemicals, DIC Corporation, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation,

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