Following Protest, 3 US students were Arrested in Egypt

Following Protest, 3 US students were Arrested in Egypt

Cairo Prosecutor, Wednesday (23/11/2011), extended arrest time of three US students who are involved in protest in Tahrir Square, Kairo, Egypt.

According to US media, the three adolescents followed students exchange program in American University of Cairo. They were arrested in Monday (21/11/2011) with some other protester. To Wednesday, protest followed by thousands of people still happened in Cairo.

Following Protest, 3 US students were Arrested in Egypt

Mena Reporter News reported that prosecutor established four days detention period to the three US students whose identity don’t stated. They were checked in front of a Lawyer, Officer of US Embassy in Cairo and an interpreter.

Mena reported, the three suspects were taken from Tahrir Square with a bottle of kerosene.

US Foreign Department Spokesperson, Mark Toner, said from Washington, US Consulates Officer in Cairo could visit three of them. “Our officer in Cairo stayed to do contact with Egypt related officer to the case,” said Toner

Toner didn’t reveal their identity. However, this three young people photos have spread wide, there’s also their identity, they are Derrick Sweeney (19), Gregory Porter (19), and Luke Gates (21).

All three of them were accused to throw Molotov bomb to the security along protest happened. Their involvement in the protest, at least can be seen from Twitter Gates account which actively describing protests’ atmosphere.

“The three adolescents now throwing Molotov bomb and didn’t have passport when she’s arrested,” said Adel Saeed, Prosecutor’s spokesperson.

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