The Food Industry warns us on Excessive Sugar Consumption

The intense scientific studies on finding the effects of maintaining a high sugar diet may just prove to be an insubstantial compilation of weak conclusions based on insufficient data. Hence, puts a big question mark on the standard dietary guidelines based on those findings, which recommends consumers to cut down on sugar and sweet intake. At least this is what few reviewers claim by questioning the research methods that include subjective assessments, and the financial support from the food and beverage industry.

Researchers and health experts were quick to retaliate on those reviews with an obvious one-sided tone. Some of them accused these review as politicization of science.  In other words, these reviews are trivializing the entire structure of data and analysis, disagree to scientific ramification, and disoriented our understanding so that we doubt established conclusions.

This is not the first instance the food industry has attempted to jumble up research data for its own gain. In the 1960s, something similar was seen happening as the sugar industry directors covertly financed a group unscrupulous Harvard researchers to downsize the role of sugar in cardiac disease. The move resulted in decades of dietary guidelines that was primarily focused on checking cholesterol and reducing fats from eatables, although sugar was still a harmless consumable item. This misleading triggered the popularity of low-fat (but potentially sugary) food and diet.  However, with independent researchers establishing the negative effects of excess sugar and suggesting the severe impact on the ongoing obesity epidemic consumers are getting more aware of the product.

Hence, this time the sugar industry has its dubious plans cut out, all thanks to an active media, which is contently on its tail and smartly revealing the potential threat of scientific ploy. Most media report on these reviews highlighted the criticism and conflicts of interest from other researchers. Yet, the boldness with which the industry still tries to influence the public perception and various data analysis are surprising.

Summary: The reality behind the constant change in scientific revelation in the food industry

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