Ford Believes Trump Presidency Might Actually do Some Good to the Auto Industry

Ford executives recently stated that the Trump administration could prove beneficial for the US auto industry. However, carmakers would still have to look for new ways to dodge his erratic opinions.

The recent Trump tweets have daunted some of the major automakers operating in the North American automobile market. He has vehemently used social media platforms particularly Twitter to either criticize or complement companies. Not to mention some of those opinions were based on completely phony facts. Toyota and GM saw a steep stock decline after they came into Trump’s radar.

Ford has lauded the Trump’s twitter usage and called it innovative, as he took a different approach for connecting with his voters, bypassing the traditional mediums.  Trumps social media activities are quite calculated, which is quite clear from the tweets that are written based on what he thinks, moreover, it can also help the industry stay updated on his thoughts.

Trump’s fondness for twitter has gained him some political victories handed by the auto industry. He has silently patted his own back for the recent announcement made by Fiat Chrysler and Ford to expand operation in the country. Indeed, automakers are bracing up possible regulatory and tax regulatory reforms.

Ford believes that the auto industry is slowly and gradually realizing that he (Trump) could bode well for it. Automakers have started adapting to this new political reality and are looking for opportunities in all possible aspects. This, in turn, may be the only way to move in the forward directions.

Some industry experts believe that most carmakers are approaching with an optimistic view of the market in 2017. Few automakers even believe that his policies could propel the industry to an unprecedented eighth consecutive year of record sales. However, the auto companies still have to be on their toes and wary of the changing tides. Most automakers are now announcing a strategic expansion of their manufacturing units in the country indicates that they are seeking to get into the good books of the new US president.

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