Four Major Cities of the World Have Decide to Put a Ban on Diesel Vehicle by 2025

diesel-vehicleThe governing authorities of Mexico City, Paris, Athens and Madrid are moving towards putting a ban on diesel vehicles by 2025. At a biennial meeting that recently took place between the four city leaders in Mexico saw them commit to the cause. The increasing use of diesel transport has been heavily criticized in the recent past owing to its increasing negative impact on air quality. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), each year nearly three million deaths are suspected due to exposure to severe air pollution.

Diesel engines play a great role in the depletion of air quality. Burning of diesel cause formation of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM). Fine dust of particulate matter (PM) can enter the lungs easily, which can further lead to cardiovascular disorders and deaths. Likewise, high nitrogen oxides emission can create ground level ozone formation that can lead to severe breathing difficulties even for people with no previous history of respiratory problems.

Due to increasing prevalence of such incidences NGOs and environmentalists are moving to the courts in an attempt to try and enforce clean air regulations and laws. For instance, campaigners in the UK recently had a major breakthrough in making the government enforce eco-friendly solutions.  Mayors from a number of cities in the country are facing a similar situation and are enacting laws to tackle this severe problem.  Moreover, the campaigners in London are pushing the mayor of the city to take measures for phasing out diesel vehicles for the city by 2025. Sadiq Khan the mayor of London has suggested an expansion to the existing Ultra-low Emission Zone in central London.

The current mayor is expected to take bolder action compared to his predecessors. Moreover, the issue is not confined to a city and needs a higher attention on a national level. Banning diesel is considered to be of huge significant. Automobile manufacturers will have to bring in alternative options as it may not take too much time for governing bodies of other major cities to join in.

Summary: Major cities look for greener solutions, as the global air pollution reach alarmingly high levels.

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