Four Men Admits to a Bomb Plot at London Stock Exchange

Anti-terrorist police arrested four people who were allegedly involved in planning terrorist activities across London. Mohammad Chowdhury, Gurukanth Desai, Shan Rahman and Abdul Miah were the four men arrested by the police. The four accused have also agreed to the conspiracy.

These four people who belong to London and Cardiff were arrested in December 2010. Five more people were also arrested by the police for alleged involvement in the same act. All nine of them will be sentenced this month.

London Stock Exchange was one of the five targets where terrorist activities were planned by these people. A hand written list of targets prepared by the accused was recovered by the police. The note was also included with names of London Mayor, the US Embassy and two rabbis.

The four men planned to send five bomb boxes, one each to all five targets, through mail. They planned these terrorist activities just before Christmas 2010, but they could not fix exact dates for the plot. They carried out a recce of all targets and also planned to launch a Mumbai type terror activity.

A jury was set up for trails of the individuals.  However, they agreed to all allegations. DAC Stuart Osborne, senior national Scotland Yard Counter Terrorism team coordinator said that the operation was planned and successfully executed by West Midlands Counter terrorist unit.

During the operation they were in close association with South Wales, Staffordshire, Metropolitian Police and National CT Network. He also said that protection of public always stands their first priority. Bob Quick, the senior most anti terrorism police officer till 2009, named this as the important case as very serious acts were planned.

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