From Now Onwards Nintendo’s Wii And Sony PS3 Do Not Need A Netflix CD

From today onwards, Sony PS3 and Nintendo’s Wii gaming consoles won’t need a Netflix CD to get video and other content from Netflix Inc.

Nintendo’s Wii introduced Netflix’s content for its gaming console in April 2010. Despite its functionality to support installation of downloadable applications, license limitations stopped this from being possible.

So, whenever Wii users want to watch and stream a video from their Netflix service, they needed to put their CD inside and execute the video player from it.

Now a Netflix application has been launched for Wii and PS3. The Netflix application available for Wii is now downloadable right from the Wii menu on the screen just like other Wii softwares (called WiiWares). The Netflix app for Wii is free although Netflix services can be bought for as low as $8.99 per month.

Similarly, the Netflix’s installer package for Sony PS3 will also be made available today. The quality of Netflix streaming on PS3 is not only as good as that on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 (which never required the use of a disc for streaming video content on the device) but it is in fact far much better than that. This is because the fact that Netflix now offers 1080p video streaming (when available) on Sony PS3 and also 5.1 channel surround sound.