Future of Frozen Food Industry Closely Linked with Advancements in Packaging

The frozen food industry is rapidly evolving to meet the needs of consumers. Influenced by the health and wellness trend, consumers today are no longer satisfied with easy-to-cook food products – they want nutrient-high food as well.

Frozen food products were once the go-to choice for millennials. However, in the last five years or so, there has been a paradigm shift in consumer behavior. As natural and organic gain traction, consumers are showing an increasing preference towards products they ‘perceive’ to be beneficial to health.

In the midst of these developments, the frozen food industry has their task cut out – appealing to consumers who are always looking at packaging, labels, and ingredients.

The Silver Lining for Manufacturers

The silver lining for frozen food manufacturers is they can still incorporate concepts of organic and natural in their offerings. With use of next-generation packaging growing, frozen food manufacturers now have the means to minimize the use of additives in their offerings.

Intelligent packaging, although at a nascent stage, is gaining traction, among manufacturers. Consumers want to know the status of their food products, and intelligent packaging gives them an avenue to do so. Intelligent packaging can give manufacturers an opportunity to hard sell their products to a consumer base which is becoming increasingly aware by the day.

In addition to intelligent packaging, another key trend that can entice consumers to purchase frozen food is exciting color, graphics, and above all, convenience.

If packaged food products include reusable zip closures to aid consumers and other portability options, there is an increasing likelihood of appealing to consumers.

Attractive Packaging not limited to Big Brands

Today, brands look for nothing less than quality even in matters of packaging, which help them reach a certain position in the market as well as maintain high quality standards. However, the arrival of e-commerce has also encouraged small-scale manufacturers to invest more in product quality and presentation rather in setting up retail outlets or showrooms. Smaller brands can directly sell their products through e-commerce websites even in the remotest parts of the planet. Nonetheless, uninterrupted manufacturing activity and industrial output will remain crucial for packaging industry to flourish further both in matured and developing economies

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Innovative Flexible Protective Packaging Favorite among Most Manufacturers

From motor vehicles to electronic appliances, packaging style varies from product to product. However, they all require efficient packaging protection, which is why manufacturers are quickly shifting towards unique and advanced packaging styles. Evidently, technological innovation has massively expanded the capabilities of the packaging industry. The novel flexible protective packaging solution, which has recently arrived in the market is capable of handling extreme conditions and offer complete safety of the internal item. In 2016, flexible packaging segment accounted for a staggering 65.6% share of the protective packaging market and is expected to remain popular packaging type across various industrial verticals in the forthcoming years.


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