Gary Shapiro’s View on Role of Chinese Innovations Solidifying Country’s Global Image

The U.S. Consumer Technology Association (CTA) chief Gary Shapiro believes that the Chinese innovation in the consumer technology sector is quite impressive. Right from smartphones to smart mobile services to drones the technological growth is commendable.

Apart from its healthy manufacturing base, China’s consumer electronic industry is also actively focusing on innovative new segments. China’s importance in technological innovation is rising healthily. International media broadly reported about few western tech firms that are approaching Chinese firms for ideas.

Shapiro believes that companies across the globe are exchanging ideas from one another on innovation fronts, however, he also believes that China is swiftly growing into innovative new areas like smartphones, drones, and other communication application such as Wechat.

According to Shapiro, the platform wechat provides to the Chinese citizens serves more than the purpose of communication and pay of services, it does various other things both in terms of business transactions and social media that makes day-to-day tasks much easier.

Shapiro and his team used the mobile communication app Wechat developed by China’s prominent tech firm Tencent. The application was their official communication system in the 2016 edition of Consumer Electronic Show (CES), which is an annual event that exhibits latest electronic products organized by the CTA.

The CES 2017 taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, from 5th to 8th January and is expected to attend by over 3,800 companies coming from all over the world to exhibit the latest innovative technology and consumer novelties.  Understanding the importance of the Chinese firms in the global technology market. CTA has invited CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, Richard Yu, to deliver the keynote message at this year’s event. This will the second time that the CES event will see a CEO of Chinese company do the keynoting. Shapiro suggested on Chinese companies to strengthen their patent structure as safeguarding the IP and patent are crucial in the technology industry.

Summary: Gary Shapiro’s overwhelming fondness for Chinese innovation to lead the global technology industry

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