Get Blackberry and Playstation Features in One Phone (Zeus)

Do you know the numbers of people sitting with mobile and PSP phone at different locations? If yes, then I would not like to move around while carrying these two things. It will be more amazing if I find the functions of mobile and PSP in one device. Oh, it will be really cool to get such a dual purpose device.

Recently, there was an update regarding the use of Play station phone launched by Sony Ericsson. It was developed by the code name of Zeus. According to the statement of Joshua Toposky given at Engadget that Play Station phones are getting satisfactory response so he has a plan to release more.

This phone has something new and different which make it a hot cake icon in the eyes of the customers. Major specifications include 8 GB card built in micro SD technology and smart look of just having 17 mm thick. The interesting thing about this device is that its design is like blackberry but looks exactly same of PSPgo. All these striking ideas have opened a new way for Sony Ericson in electronic market.

I would like to recommend the readers just have a look of this creative device in the exclusive gallery of Sony Ericsson. Expectations regarding the popularity and marketability of this device are quite high, let’s see what happen.

I personally too think that this product will be in demand of every phone lover who wants something amazing, different and functional features in the hand set phone. I feel like offering my gratitude in advance to Sony for coming up with this magical device. I am quite sure about the popularity of this product in this competitive market.

However, the launching of this product comes late, but comes with so many benefits for you. Visit the Sony gallery to place your comments about it.