Giant Iceberg Prevented Historical Ceremony Event

Giant Iceberg Prevented Historical Ceremony Event

A giant iceberg which its sized almost similar with Luxemburg country in Europe, prevented three tourist ships traveling which headed to Antarctic, Wednesday (21/12/2011).

Giant Iceberg Prevented Historical Ceremony Event

The ships previously scheduled to moor in Denison headland, where Australian traveler, Douglas Mawson landed to start his journey to south pole, 100 years ago. But B9B iceberg which sized 100 kilometers length prevented sailing line into Commonwealth bay, the only sea line into the cape.

“There is unusual ice condition blocked all tourist ships headed there. The ships aren’t equipped with ice breaking ability and also don’t have helicopter,” said Australian Government Antarctic Division spokesman

B9B iceberg is a fragment of Ross Ice slab and started to separate itself in 1987. Last year, the iceberg attract the world’s attention after crashing Mertz glacier, caused glacier fraction which also become giant iceberg. If it’s melt, these giant icebergs could effected global temperature and sea currents, since its gigantic measurement.

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