The Global Apple Concentrate Market is Likely to Witness Significant Growth Owing to Introduction to Variety of New Products

Apple concentrates can be in various forms including clear, puree, juice, frozen, or powdered concentrate form. Its importance as a key ingredient in beverages among the U.S. & other countries and, in consumer juice products along with its health benefits has propelled the demand for apple concentrate in the global market. Use of apple concentrates for apple juice production is a main factor driving the global apple concentrate market.

Global Apple Concentrate Market to Witness 5.6% CAGR During 2016 to 2026

Introduction to new products based on apple concentrate is likely to be a pervasive trend. Diversity in products and competitive production costs will remain strong drivers for the global apple concentrate market in the near future. Consumers prefer apple concentrate more than apple fruit owing to its extended shelf-life. The convenience in usage, storage and transportation are also important factors driving the overall market. A study by Persistence Market Research (PMR) states that the global apple concentrate market is anticipated to register a promising 5.6% CAGR during 2016 to 2026.

A Hard Cider by Mansfield Couple

Apple concentrate find a variety of applications. Many new products have been emerging in the market based on apple juice concentrate. A couple from Mansfield, Josh Beard & Kelly Shaull (husband & wife), have set up a shop in Ontario at a warehouse for production of variety of hard cider, distributed then to local stores & restaurants. Studying that hard cider is an emerging market, the duo is partaking in this market although working full-time jobs. Beard is the production in-charge while Shaull handles logistics. While gesturing to several equipment, Beard emphasizes on scientific process of cider-making including a lot of chemical analysis. Beard says that several mass-produced ciders are based on apple juice concentrates whereas a hard cider is prepared with fresh juice & fermented to various styles. Beard has a hope of having tasting and other events in the near future.

Health Benefits of Apple Concentrate

Increasing prevalence of heart disease is attributed to rising sugar levels in a human body and apple concentrate consumptions adds significantly to sugar levels as its possesses higher fructose content as compared to fructose corn syrup. Although this is a factor affecting negatively to human health there are various health benefits regarding apple concentrate which include

  • Weight Loss– A study by Rio de Janeiro’s State University, overweight women consumed three apples or pears per day along with a low-calorie diet witnessed more weight loss. Apple concentrate consumption has been observed to prevent obesity and its consequences.
  • Alzheimer’s Disease & Age-related Memory Loss– Consumption of apple concentrate improves brain health and diminishes symptoms related to Alzheimer’s disease. In conjunction with balanced diet, apple concentrate is likely to prevent oxidative brain damage which leads to memory loss.
  • Breast Cancer– Various studies at Cornell University depicted the direct influence of apples in preventing breast cancer among animals. More the apples consumed by test animals greater the reduction in tumors were observed.
  • Asthma– Research reports from the U.K. states that consumption of apple concentrate with a proper diet by pregnant women is likely to reduce symptoms of asthma in children. Among various foods consumed, apples were found more effective in reducing the risks of asthma.
  • Immunity– Apples contains soluble fiber such as pectin which are likely to reduce inflammation regarding obesity-related diseases resulting in strengthened immune system according to a study by University of Illinois.
  • Chronic Cough & Lung Cancer– A study by NIH (National Institutes of Health) states that the constituents such as flavonoids and fiber, present in apples abundantly, is likely to reduce chronic productive cough & other respiratory symptoms.

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