Global Bicycle & Components Market to Amass Revenues Worth US$70,144.2 Mn by 2026-End

Being an eco-friendly mode of transportation, the gratifying additional utility of bicycles as an exercise tool has been propelling their market growth across the globe. Robust advancements in component technology for bicycle mechanism has resulted in consumer attraction towards contemporary models of mountain bikes, road bikes and city bikes. In the recent past, commuter bicycles consisting condition-specific components have gained traction and this is further estimated to drive the growth of global bicycle and components market in the near future.

Increasing Demand for Lightweight Bicycles to Drive the Global Bicycle and Components Market

Modern bicycles are getting lighter in weight owing to the development of lighter composite materials such as aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber. Consumers are increasingly adopting lightweight bicycles which has necessitated the adoption of advanced lightweight component technology by manufacturers, including discontinuous and continuous fiber technology. These factors are likely to propel the growth of the global bicycle and components market over the span of next ten years. According to a study by Persistence Market Research (PMR), the value of global bicycle and components market is poised to reach US$ 70,144.2 Mn by 2026-End.

XMOD- Interchangeable and Modular Crankset by Miranda

One of the prominent players, Miranda- a Portuguese component manufacturer has recently developed a completely new interchangeable & modular crankset known as XMOD. Miranda claims that this crankset is first of its kind and will change the definition of durability and flexibility of bicycle cranksets. The modular design of XMOD is likely to create new opportunities for bicycle customization. XMOD consists of three parts, the cranks, the spindle and the spider. Each of these parts can be interchanged and provide flawless operation with multiple configurations to meet riders’ needs. This crankset is study and developed for smooth operation even in the most extreme riding conditions.

Some Trends Observed in the Bicycle and Components Market Include

  • Building bikes to take on dirt– This has experienced a lot of innovation. People think its fun in riding non-asphalt and are coming up with various cool designs in bicycles for living their wishes.
  • Disc Brakes– Disc brakes are gaining prevalence among the off-road as well as on-road bicycles. Customization of bicycles, nowadays especially involves mounting of disc brakes.
  • Huge Tires– Recently, the demand for off-road bicycles with more stopping power & surface area has witnessed a considerable increase. Many prominent wheel makers are focusing on expansion of internal rim width for accommodation of wider tires with greater grip.
  • Going Tubeless– Both wheel makers and tire makers have rendered tubeless to be the future of tires, including road bicycles. The technology is witnessing advancements owing to the convincing perks, which include low pressure, more comfortable ride and lower chances of puncture. In addition, big tires provide super cool appearance.

Herrmans Makes Star Union as its Agent for e-Bike Components Across China

Herrmans, manufacturer and supplier of pedelec-specific lights, chainguards, rim tape and grips, recently made an announcement of rendering China Star Union to be its agent for e-bike components in China. This cooperation is expected to allow Herrmans in supplying products to their existing customers continuously with convenience, at the same time creating opportunities for their future growth. The Herrmans offer their own range of e-bike components and by representing their products in China, they are providing a one-stop shop to e-bike assemblers in China.

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