The Global Fatty Amines Market Poised to Reach US$ 2 Bn by 2020

Fatty amines, often derived from petrochemicals, oils, fats, and similar raw materials, find their application in a wide range of industries owing to cationic nature. The demand for fatty amines is being fuelled by some of its prominent applications such as corrosion inhibition, lubricant additives, sanitization, organoclay, and fabric softening. While, other prevalent applications include water treatment, mining, personal care, agro-chemicals, anti-caking, paints & coatings, and oilfield chemicals.

In 2016, 641 Kilo Tons of fatty amines was consumed across the globe, as per a study by Persistence Market Research (PMR). PMR estimates that the global fatty amines market is projected to reflect a moderate 4.1% CAGR during 2016 to 2020 to reach a market value of more than US$ 2 Bn by 2020-end.

Increasing Demand for Asphalt Additives to drive the Global Fatty Amines Market

The demand for fatty amines & their derivatives is driven by utilization of ester quats in fabric softeners, application of amphoterics & amine oxides in ‘ultra’ liquid laundry detergents & hard surface cleaners, and utilization of cationics in shampoos & conditioners. Burgeoning demand for asphalt-additives is expected to primarily drive the global fatty amines market. In addition, rapid growth of water treatment chemicals industry is driving the demand for fatty amines over the past few years. The two aforementioned factors are estimated to sustain the fatty amines market on a global level.

Growing Demand for Agricultural Products to drive the Demand for Fatty Amine-Based Agrochemicals

The industry for fatty amines has been witnessing a widespread growth of applications, which in turn is anticipated to fuel the market growth of fatty amines across the globe. Novel applications development and technological innovation will remain other indispensable factors for the market growth in the near future. Further, the ever-growing global population, followed by increasing demand for agricultural products is likely to fuel the demand for fatty amines-based agrochemicals. Developing countries are estimated to be the key markets for the growth of fatty amines market through 2020. Growing prevalence of fatty amines in paints & coating industry is expected to drive the global fatty amine market by 2020. However, Fluctuating availability of fatty amines and uncertain pricing of raw materials will remain a restraining factor in the growth of fatty amines market across the globe.

N-Methylation of Primary/Secondary Amines to be a Green Path for N-Methyl Amine Synthesis

The market has witnessed various advancements in fatty amines & its derivatives in the recent past. One of the fatty amines’ derivatives, N-Methyl amines plays an important role in medicines, surfactant, pesticides and dyes production. N-Methylation process of primary and/or secondary amines by methanol is expected to be the green path for N-Methyl amines’ synthesis and the key is the catalyst. A combines Al2O3-mordenite catalyst with good selectivity, stability, lifetime and activity was utilized in the N-Methylation of several amines by methanol in hydrogen-free system. Methanol adsorption was examined by in situ FTIR. Results indicated that methoxyl species were active species for the propagation of N-Methylation of amines.

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