Global Flat Panel Display Market expected to Witness an Impressive Growth During 2015 to 2020

With the inclination towards a display-centric society, the technology of flat panel display not only persist to homes, offices and entertainment venues, but also in handheld mobile & multimedia devices, most of the consumer electronics and automotive industry. The global market for flat panel display (FPD) is expected to witness an impressive growth in the near future. The market is estimated to garner revenues worth US$ 135 Mn by 2020-end, registering a CAGR of 5.8% during 2015 to 2020, as per a study by Persistence Market Research (PMR).

Global Flat Panel Display Market is Concentrated on Volume Demand Growth

Considerable rise in demand for FPD is mainly attributed to the image quality offered along with the drop in prices of plasma and LCD displays. Some other major factors driving the growth of global flat panel display market include high technology penetration rate among consumers, expansion of consumer electronics market, soaring demand for large size displays, and growing R&D efforts by FPD manufacturers.

The global flat panel display market is now concentrated on the volume demand growth, after having focused on unit growth at a time. The trend for larger displays is expected to soar higher in the flat panel industry. Four major reasons are expected to favor the upgrade of flat panel display sizes and they are, increasing demand for five-inch-and-more smartphones, rising demand for big tablet PCs, soaring demand for bigger LCD TVs, and huge automotive display screens.

OLEDs hold their Position as the Quality Standard in Flat Panel Industry

For a long period of time, CRTs (cathode ray tubes) ruled the display market as they were the only devices that exhibited moving pictures. Introduction to flat panel display was resulted from the goal of improving CRT’s bulky structure. Various types of FPDs include OLEDs (organic light emitting displays, LCDs (liquid crystal displays), and PDPs (plasma display panels). LCDs, owing to their size variation & high-resolution capacities, are designed for various applications. It is indispensable to comprehend operational principle of display for serving the needs.

Generally, demand for portability and high image quality is increasing with the rising availability of visual content across several media. Optimizing display specifications pertaining to applications is of utmost importance for flat panel displays. As all manufacturers focus on development of slimmer, brighter, bigger and cheaper displays, OLEDs hold their position as the quality standard in flat panel industry. However, Manufacturers are focusing on churning out LEDs more above any other in order to develop cheap displays.

NetDragon’s Interactive Flat Panel Display in Moscow’s more than 7,600 Classrooms

In support of ‘smart city’ initiative of Moscow, NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited has developed an interactive best-in-class flat panel display for catering to specific needs of teachers in Moscow, with customized features & user experience. The company is glad to announce the selection of its interactive FPDs to be installed by City of Moscow in more than 7,600 classrooms. NetDragon’s powerful interactive display, named Irbis by Promethean panel, enables around twenty simultaneous touches and features vivid 4K resolution. In addition, Promethean panel’s 86 inch Irbis, is likely to set new standard for interactive display writing experiences and surface touch. Irbis by Promethean panel, designed with innovative InGlass touch & writing technology, offers smooth writing experience without response delays or script-lag.

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