Global Geocells Market to be driven by the Dynamic Construction Sector in the Near Future

Geocells or cellular confinement systems are three dimensional mats, resembling a structure similar to honeycomb and consists high density polypropylene, polyester, polyethylene or other polymeric alloys. Geocells are prominently used in areas of construction sector such as slope protection, earth reinforcement, load support, channel protection, and tree root protection. The global geocells market is anticipated to register an impressive growth at 8.8% CAGR, to reach a value of US$ 2.3 Bn by 2025. Global consumption of geocells is expected to surpass 428 Mn square meter and is estimated to exhibit 5.5% CAGR during 2016 to 2025.

Regulations and Initiatives by Some Developed Countries to Drive the Demand for Geocells

Some macroeconomic factors driving the market growth of geocells include dynamic construction sector, soaring urbanization, and growing infrastructure development. Some developed countries have imposed regulations on sustainable infrastructure development and erosion control. These regulations and initiatives have been fuelling the growth of geocells market since recent past. However, lack of awareness regarding geocells among infrastructure developers in emerging countries is expected to hinder the market growth. IN addition, increasing number of alternatives such as geo-membranes and geo-grids are likely to restrain the growth of the global geocells market in the near future. Some key trends observed in the global geocells market include increasing demand for polymeric and polyester alloy-based geocells, development of light weight and nano fiber-based geocells, water conservation projects and other product innovation trends.

Russian and American Geocells Manufacturers Launch Joint Projects this Year

Geocells manufacturers of Russia have been in discussion with American companies for entering the U.S. market by launching joint projects in 2017, despite of tensed atmosphere between these economies. Pavel Razbegaev, the head of International Projects Department at PRESTORUS, after Geotechnical Frontiers event told sputnik in Orlando, U.S. He stated that they received positive feedbacks from the three companies they had discussions with and the U.S. companies are interesting in issuing the license for Russia’s material production, distribution cooperation and also participating in joint production in Russia.

A Major Oil Sands Company Capitalizing GEOWEB System’s ‘Cellular Confinement’ Technology

One of the major players in geocells market, Presto, had developed a unique system for 3-D soil stabilization in the long past. A major oil sands company has now capitalized on the ‘cellular confinement’ technology of GEOWEB system. The company faced challenges of building access roads in Lloydminister, helping to accommodate drilling, construction and completion equipment whose weights exceeded 125,000 lbs. In addition, the areas needed to be traversed consisted extremely soft muskeg subgrades and saturated clays with approximately 0.9 California Bearing Ratio (CBR). The company chose to utilize GEOWEB roadway system which could enormously reduce the required standard cross section for soft subgrades and lead to huge savings.

Roads made of Geocellular System Leading to Dashu Mountain

The roads leading to a well-known tourist destination, Dashu Mountain in China, are made up of geocellular system as their base. This geosynthetic solution offered them with a long-life, low cost solution, being less invasive for the surroundings. The engineered design provided strong retention of road fill, at the same time enabling drainage to keep system from ponding. Green color allowed panel to blend with environment, as in case of exposure of a panel section it would be visually undisruptive to the environment.

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