Focusing the Spot Light on Tahini Industry on Global Dais

Demand for Tahini has scaled significantly over the recent years, its growing usage in preparing food and beverage items is expected to foster the global tahini market over the next couple of years. By the end of 2016, the global production volume for tahini is projected to cross 314 thousand tonnes, which was estimated close to 305 thousand tonnes the previous year. A report published by Persistence Market Research (PMR) finds that the global production volume for tahini is set to reach 423,854 tonnes by 2025.

Exposure of authentic Middle-Eastern culinary items on various parts of the world and their increasing demand in Europe and Americas is a major factor driving the popularity of tahini-based food products. In recent times, there has been a staggering rise in demand for tahini spread and hummus across the globe. Moreover, tahini producing companies are implementing aggressive promotional strategies including social media advertising and marketing in order to improve their overall product visibility in the market.  Most popular tahini products available in the market include butter and spread, hummus, bakery products, halva, salads, toppings, and gourmet Middle-Eastern tahini items such as Baba Ghanoush. While the availability of an array of tahini flavors will continue to drive the market growth, their increasing adoption in restaurants and eateries is expected to further sustain the growth of the market.

The PMR report also highlights few underlining segments of the global tahini market discussed below:

Amongst all tahini products, demand for tahini based paste and spreads products is expected to witness the highest growth. The paste and spreads segment is set to account for more than 55% share of the market in revenues over the next nine years. The Desserts and sweets segment will also display a healthy uptick in the market graph owing to the increasing popularity of halva. The segment is expected to maintain a market share of above 25% between 2015 and 2025. Further, growing taste for tahini dips and sauces is expected to influence their demand in the upcoming years, hence the tahini dips and sauces sub-segment in anticipated to claim for more than 18% share of the market.

As per the report, export will be a major distribution channel segment during 2015 to 2025. Conventional domestic retailer segment will drop a significant share of the market over the forecast period. In addition, the segment is anticipated to witness a 3% drop form the present market share, which stands at nearly 37%. Whereas, the modern trade segment is projected to account for over 29% share of the market in revenues by 2025.

Based on product size, the 50-150 gm size segment is expected to witness an overwhelming preference over other size categories. In terms of value, the segment is expected to account for more than 56% share of the market by 2025 and is likely to reach around 243,189 tonnes in consumptions.

On behalf of production processing, the industrial production process will continue to be the leading segment, however, the segment is expected to lose a miniscule share of the market during the assessment period. Whereas, the demand for conventional processes will reflect a slight growth over the same duration.

PMR analysis on regional viewpoint shows that Western Asia will maintain its numero uno position throughout the forecast period. Whereas GCC will emerge as the most attractive market over 2025. In addition, the market in GCC is set to reach US$ 202 Million in revenues by 2025.

Vendor News

Key players operating in the global market for tahini market includes Sunshine International Foods, Inc., Dipasa International S.A., Joyva Corp, Haitoglou Bros S.A., Prince Tahina Ltd., Kevala International LLC, Premier Organics, Halwani Bros. Co., and El Rashidi El Mizan.

Summary: The Global consumption volumes for tahini pegged at more than 314 Thousand Tonnes by 2016 end

The information presented here is sourced from Persistence Market Research latest report TOC on the global tahini market. A free sample of this report is available upon request.

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