Global Tissue Glue and Bio-adhesive Sealants Market to be driven by Increasing Orthopedic & Cardiovascular Procedures

Growing numbers of orthopedic and cardiovascular procedures across the globe has resulted in excessive demand for tissue glue and bio-adhesive sealants, according to a study by Persistence Market Research (PMR). Rising disposable incomes along with convenience in access to new surgical sealants among end users are fuelling the need for such procedures thereby driving the global tissue glue and bio-adhesive sealants market. In addition, expanding number of surgical procedures, increasing maturing population, soaring number of chronic diseases and rising concerns for blood loss at the time of surgery around the world is significantly driving the development of the overall market.

PMR estimates that the global tissue glue and adhesive sealants market is projected to exhibit an impressive 8% CAGR during 2016 to 2024 to surpass a market value worth US$ 2,280 Mn. The market is estimated to create an incremental opportunity of around US$ 1,125 Mn between 2016 and 2024. Key market players are focusing on development of new tissue glue and bio-adhesive sealants for targeting a range of customers including young & elder patients and infants.

A Bio-based Novel Spray for Healing Hearts in Case of an Attack

Many new innovative advancements have been introduced to the market regarding tissue glue and bio-adhesives. Scientists have come up with a biomaterial-based novel spray which is likely to heal the heart, eliminating the need for glue or sutures. The US researchers from University of North Carolina have made a demonstration on the effectiveness of minimally invasive method to prepare a regenerative cardiac patch promoting repair of damaged cardiac tissue in the mouse model of heart attack. A platelet fibrin gel, called cardiac patch, resulted from spraying biomaterials on the heart helping it heal. This method may be conveniently applied at clinics and possesses considerable potential in treatment of patients.

Development of a Bio-adhesive Material that can be Controlled by UV Light

Adhesive mechanisms are observed naturally, for example in geckos & other animals that utilize it for walking on the ceiling against gravity. These natural mechanisms possess various benefits, for instance these are eternally strong adhesives without any residues or glues. Artificial development of these mechanisms are being explores by researchers at Kiel University. A bio-inspired adhesive material, manipulated remotely by UV light, has been successfully developed by an interdisciplinary research team from chemistry, biology and materials science. This approach has made it possible for moving objects precisely in a micro-range. The research findings find use among applications in robotics, industry and medical technology. The mushroom shaped surface with adhesive microstructures of this intelligent bio-adhesive material is capable of lifting small 3D or flat elements and the movements can be controlled by light. The research findings are especially interesting in the development of sensitive sensors or micro computer chips.

Maria Pereira’s GB02 Adhesive to Replace Stitches in Surgery

Although surgery has witnessed advancements beyond silk thread and bone needles, the process is still harmful for humans and has been suture-based for a long time. These sutures consume large amount of time, are technically challenging and damage tissue, according to Maria Pereira, research head at Paris-based Gecko Biomedical. Maria Pereira’s bio-inspired alternative claims to replace stitches. Its adhesive is hydrophobic, viscous, cured by LED light and biodegradable. Unlike other glues negatively affected by water, GB02 adhesive (as it is called) can perform well in wet environments, such as in the heart, working both as a scaffold for tissue’s growth as well as a sealant. Gecko Medical is now focusing on the development of GB04 with aim to completely diminish the use of sutures changing the way of surgery and making it simpler.

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