Good News for SNAP Recipients

To add to its ongoing efforts to help Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients in making the right, healthy food choices while shopping at corner stones, the USDA Food and Nutrition Service publishes a guide to help corner store owners to sell healthier foods.

While US FDA’s guideline on healthy food labeling and sales in supermarkets assures a healthier food alternative for a major portion of the population, the access to healthier food for another population cluster still remains restricted to the neighborhood. For low-income communities that rely solely on corner stores for groceries, healthier, fresher, and nutritious food alternatives are not always available or in fact, financially unaffordable.

For Supplemental Nutritious Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients or precisely corner store shoppers, the USDA has made an effort to broaden the availability of healthier foods without cutting on their nutritional value and taste. According to Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS), the federal agency coordinating the SNAP program, there should be no reason for SNAP recipients to suffer from inadequate healthy foods supply. FNS further expands the information to Spanish users through a public assistance program.

USDA believes that healthier corner stores will influence the community health positively by selling fresh foods and vegetables, frozen fruits and vegetables, low-fat high-quality dairy products, and whole grain snacks. The newly published guide includes simple yet valuable information to help food and nutrition organizations as well as corner store owners to figure out on resources and strategies for getting healthier foods and beverages to corner stores for sale within respective communities.

The Healthy Corner Stores Guide elaborates on sourcing, placing, marketing, displaying, and selling the right way. The objective of this guide remains to educate and encourage store owners and small business owners on improving their access to healthy food products and sell them in corner stores. Some store owners have already started their move toward the transformation; whereas, others are most likely to take a step forward to benefit from the USDA C-stores guide for healthier foods.

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