Growing Demand for Glass Break Detector Market to Significantly Increase Revenues Through 2028

Global Glass Break Detector Market: Introduction

A glass break detector is more or less like an alarm that notifies when there is a glass break or a forceful entry through a glass window into one’s premises. The glass break detector is an important part of the security system alongside motion sensors, window sensors and door sensors. When a glass shatters it produces a certain sound, this shattering sound has a distinct frequency. The glass break detector collects all the environmental sounds with the high accuracy microphone, and analyses and judges the frequency by the microprocessor after filtering and magnifying the received signal, once the frequency of glass break is detected the detector triggers the alarm. Also these detectors can be attached to sensors and then it can be customized to alert the owner by sending a message or an email to him over the phone.

Ongoing evolution and up-gradation of the glass break detector system has increased the usage of glass break detectors progressively.

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Global Glass Break Detector Market: Dynamics

Nowadays, there is increase in usage of glass for the construction of houses, offices and commercial buildings. Glass is prone to security risks, owing to which the need of glass break detectors arises for security purposes. Hence, increasing usage of glass is the key factor driving the growth of the glass break detector market. Due to increase in the crime activities there is a rise in adoption of these alarms both in residential as well as the commercial areas, so it is one of the factors fueling the growth of the market.

However, it is natural that most of the environmental sounds can have a frequency higher than that of threshold frequency detected by sensor. Most of the alarms work by analyzing the frequency in comparison to the pre-fed frequency of the sensor, so the chances of false alarms are high. Hence, false alarm can be the primary reason that is expected to hamper the growth of the glass break detector market.

Global Glass Break Detector Market: Segmentation

The global glass break detector market is segmented on the basis of type, application and region.

  • By type
    • Wired
    • Wireless
  • By Application
    • Residential
    • Commercial

Global Glass Break Detector Market: Competition Landscape

Key Developments

In April 2018, DSC iotega integrated with to seamlessly disarm and arm their security systems in addition to this the user can also control other automated devices at home like door locks, doorbell cameras, lightings and more. So by integration both the companies have leveraged their home automation technology as well as the security.

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Key Vendors

The key vendors in the global glass break detector market are Simplisafe, Honeywell, Bosch, Interlogix, Fortress security, SABRE, Siemens, RISCO Group, Satel, Visonic and DSC.

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