Halloween Recreates ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ On ‘Glee’

Looks like this week is going to spook up everyone not just because of Halloween, but also as the return of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” will be broadcasted on “Glee” tonight at 8 p.m. on Fox, along with the talks of the famous Mexican folk legends about Chupacabras and La Bruha.

In addition, there is a ghost-hunting experience at the Oakwood Cemetery in Grand Rapids to be viewed on television too!

Tonight on Fox, the cast of “Glee” will interpret the cult classic “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” This new addition has also been a topic of discussion on the WLAV’s the “Kevin Matthews Show,” which will have a screening of it at 10 p.m. on Friday at the Celebration Cinema North if you miss out on it.

The musical “Glee” episode for tonight will be completely devoted to “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” It will be a must-watch for not just the die-hard fans of the show, but also those who want to enjoy a good television show.

The show on Tuesday will also explore the Mexican legends of the “La Bruha,” the witch. The Chupacabras, which are animals that roam the Mexican country side and now the US as well, aim to draw out the life of goats and livestock, will be covered in the show too.

There has been a discussion about local haunts like the ghost-hunting experience with Tim Cusack or famously known as “Rocky,” and with Dave Dyer. Time was spent at the Oakwood Cemetery in Grand Rapids on Monday, where the morning show co-host Ed Buchanan said that a woman appears by the roadside – a ghost. Stay tuned for more! This Halloween weekend is spooking the jeepers out of everyone for sure!