Hillary Clinton’s Mother Passed Away

Hillary Clinton’s Mother Passed Away

Dorothy Howell Rodham, mother of US Foreign Minister, Hillary Rodham Clinton, passed away because of ill on Tuesday (1/11/20111) in 92 years old age, said her family.

Hillary Clinton’s Mother Passed Away

Hillary Clinton aborted her trip which previously planned to London and Istanbul so that she can be near of her mother in Washington Hospital. In her statement, Clinton admit Dorothy as woman who able to overcome trouble since she was once neglected when she was young and became amazing woman who was warm, sincere, and strong; smart, humorous, incredible friend, and more than that, a beloved grandmother, mother, and wife.

Although her daughter was famous as first lady and senior diplomat, Dorothy Rodham was rare talking openly about herself, or daughter and her son in law, ex-US President, Bill Clinton.
However, along Hillary Clinton campaigned at 2008 President Election, Dorothy seemed accompanied her, especially on activities related with female.

Dorothy Howell Rodham was born in Chicago on 1919, daughter of a firefighter on the city. She and her little sister should live with her grandfather-grandmother on California after their parents divorced on 1927.
Dorothy married on Chicago at 1942 with Hugh E Rodham, a successful Businessman.

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