Holy Koran combusted in US base in Afghanistan; President Obama apologizes

As soon as the reports of American troop burning Koran at a US base in Afghanistan came in, it led to an outrage in the country. This outrage was followed by killing of two US soldiers, two Afghans and four others earlier, while the casualty count rose by another seven on Wednesday.

US President, Barack Obama has been reported to have apologized to Afghans. President Obama sent a letter to Afghanistan President, Hamid Karzai, in which he expressed his deep regrets about the incident and termed the incident to be unfortunate. Noticing the sensitivity of the issue, President Obama condemned the incident and clarified that it was a genuine mistake. His letter, delivered to the Afghan President by the US ambassador to Afghanistan, assured that the US authorities will certainly question all those responsible.

Although, the Afghan President was spotted quoting earlier that a US officer was responsible for the act, but recently he again came up to clarify that the incident took place out of ignorance. The outrage is reported to have turned so violent that the casualty toll is continuously shooting up, and so the injury count.

Meanwhile, Taliban too has been reported to have stepped into the matter. A Taliban spokesman has been reported to instigate the Afghans to not to stop the protests and urged them not to step back before the Taliban teach them a lesson so that it won’t happen ever again.

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