HP reveals its tablet: ‘HP Slate’

HP, being the largest computer equipment manufacturer in the whole world, has officially revealed its tablet PC named HP SLATE. The device has been released after a year of public announcements and rumors and several of the press meetings.

The HP SLATE has been made available only to the corporate market and organizations for the time being, although previously, HP and Microsoft have been discussing about a version of HP SLATE which would have Microsoft Windows 7 in it and which would have been available to the consumer market, but it unfortunately didn’t turn out as an offering to the general consumers.

The device, HP SLATE 500 boasts a big 8.9 inches screen, 64 GB flash memory, 2 GB RAM, a processor of Z450 ATOM clocked at 1.86 GHz, a graphics accelerator from Broadcom which is there to show 1080p HD Videos.

Other specifications of HP SLATE include a 3- mega pixel camera and also a VGA camera located at the front of the device. It also has Windows 7 already installed on it. What the most enticing thing is its very low price of just $799.

The company has plans for releasing new tablets for consumer market in the early 2011. These devices by HP will not include Windows 7 as the operating system; instead they will include WebOS as their operating system. WebOS was developed by Palm which was recently acquired by HP in the beginning of this year.