Inductive Loop Vehicle Detector Market to Flourish with an Impressive CAGR During 2017 – 2025

Inductive loop is an electromagnetic detection system that utilizes a moving magnet to induce current and hence detect metal objects. This technique is a widely used vehicle detection technology. Inductive loop vehicle detectors find its applications in car parking management, traffic management, railways, sliding security gates, drive-thru restaurants, security bollards, heavy duty rolling doors and car wash equipment activation. The complete inductive loop vehicle detector system consists of a loop, loop wire and a detection unit. In case of vehicle detection, the loop is generally buried under the road and vehicle acts as a metal object, whose presence is responded in form of an audible tone.

Apart from inductive loop vehicle detector, other vehicle detection technique includes hose style detection and ultra-sonic detection, however inductive loop vehicle detectors are more reliable. The inductive loop vehicle detectors are also increasingly being used to provide hearing aid compatibility in the form of ‘assistive listing’ to the deaf. Inductive loop vehicle detectors are generally available with two types of connectivity i.e. direct plug-in loop detectors and wire harness detectors.

The inductive loop vehicle detectors are increasingly being installed in drive-thru restaurants, particularly due to lower costs, weather-independent nature and higher reliability. The loop can be used to perform various operations, for instance exit loop open a gate till a vehicle exits, safety loop avoids gate being closed on a vehicle and shadow loops keep gate open till the vehicle is over the loop.

The global inductive loop vehicle detector market is expected to significantly boost over the forecast period, as ongoing infrastructural development in developed and developing nation will result in improvement of parking management, traffic management infrastructure, which in turn will demand novel technologies to cater the required demand.

Global Inductive Loop Vehicle Detector Market: Market Dynamics

Ongoing urbanization and improving urban infrastructure especially in developing countries are expected to generate healthy demand for inductive loop vehicle detector, as improving infrastructure will result in improved traffic management, parking management and security gates. The market is expected to witness robust demand from the traffic management application over the forecast period.

The weather-independent structure of inductive loop vehicle detector is another factor resulting in increased adoption of this system.

Furthermore, regions such as North America and Europe have a higher adoption rate of novel technologies, thus end-users readily install such technologies at locations such as commercial places, paid parking and drive-thru restaurants. Lower cost of the system and higher reliability are the factors that significantly impact the growth of the market. On the other side, availability of alternate products for the same functionality may affect the growth of the inductive loop vehicle detector market inversely. Moreover, problems associated with installation and maintenance of the system are also certain aspects hampering growth of the market.

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