Inter Lodges a bid for Tevez

According to a report in Italy, Inter Milan has lodged a bid for striker Carlos Tevez of Manchester City for an amount of 25million euros.

Massimo Moratti, president of Inter, told Controcampo that this deal was under the pillow since long back, also admitting his reluctance towards Argentina challenging their 1-0 derby win on Sunday night.

Moratti said that Tevez is not needed at this juncture. According to Moratti, football gives different answers every time it is played. He said that though the offer is available, it would still be better to hold on before giving a leap.

In an interview, Moratti declared that he believes that there are still other teams in England as well as PSG available for the 27 year old striker. Moratti believes that football bears no secrets. He also said that his station, Inter offered a handsome amount of 25million euros and thus it depends on the opponent whether they would accept it or not.

The decisive goal was actually the job of another Argentinean striker who was repulsed when Diego Milito stroke for Inter Milan derby.

Claudio Ranieri, Inter coach was, however, quiet about this deal. Claudio told Sky Sport Italia that they certainly don’t know whether they need Tevez or not. However, he said to Rai Sport that Tevez can join his team if the striker wishes.

Carlo Ancelotti, former Chelsea boss, who managed Paris St Germain, have also been involved with Tevez, currently in Argentina. Carlo refuses to return to the city, though his offense of absence in the September Bayern Munich is resolved.

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