International Electrotechnical Commission Reveals a New Smart Charging Technology for Consumer Portable Devices

In 2014, the total amount of e-waste discharge across the global stood at about 42 million tons. According to some industry experts, this year the figures could well reach up to 50 million metric tonnes.

In order to reduce e-waste and improve consumer convenience, the IEC has developed a smart charging technology that enables chargers to be re-used in different consumer portable devices. The IEC has ruled a new International Charging Interoperability Standards highlighting new-gen of eco-friendly and smart charging solutions that can be used all over the world.

The conventional chargers are limited to devices built by its parent manufacturer, however, these new generation chargers ranging from smartphones to high power laptop computers will be compatible with devices from different manufacturers. In addition, they will be capable of charging a wider range of other types of electronics products.

The new technology will allow users to use their consumer portable devices such as smartphone or tablet charger to charge their notebooks. Similarly, if needed, a notebook charger can be used power up tablets and smartphones, although, with different charging rates. This unique technology will be supported by standardized charging interface defined in the new IEC International standards.

Chargers can be built to optimally support the functional and power requirements of a specific consumer device while being capable of charging various other products. These smart chargers will be able to communicate with other devices to precisely identify its compatibility before carefully drawing power.

It is most likely that the industries will rapidly adopt this technology in order to increase compatibility, interoperability, and expand the usability of chargers. This will result in higher consumer convenience and also check on e-waste production.

IEC executives stated that the organization is committed to reducing e-waste on global fronts. The IEC’s new International Interoperability Standards is imperative in further supporting global environmental objectives by encouraging the concepts of re-usability of chargers for ICT and consumer electronics products.

Summary: IEC Unveils a Re-Usable Charging solution for consumer portable electronic devices

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