iPad Disappointing Sales Caused CEO to Curse Rivals

Market saw rare dip in the iPad sales collapsing shares a bit but couldn’t recover even Steve Jobs, Apple Inc. CEO, went hard on his rivals on Monday.

Jobs told analysts that current stock of 7-inch tablets will prove dead on arrival material. He went too hard while commenting that the manufacturers would get a lesson from the market that how little their tablets were.

Jobs also indicated that in this quarter Apple’s iPhone thrashed RIM’s BlackBerry and he didn’t expect much from them to come running them after.

Apple is the second largest corporation listed on Standard & Poor’s 500 index, with Exxon Mobil the largest. It saw a 6 percent dip on its shares in few hours of trading; this is the worst dip since 2008.

Brain Marshall, analyst at Gleacher & Co told that the problem was the supply. He added that people were expecting the sales to touch 5 million mark, which remained to 4.19 million, but Apple just couldn’t manufacture that much, that’s why they fell short.

According to analysts, iPads, having 9.7 inch touch screen, should gear up their sales in the coming quarter as they look forward to resolve their supply issues.

Investors were expecting a much brighter show from Apple who kept on belting Wall Street for the last eight quarters. This time it fell short to 36.9 percent compared to 38.2 percent of Wall Street. Gross Margins are low for iPads compared to iPhones and higher proportion of iPads’ sales may had caused not meeting the Wall Street.

iPhone was no disappointment whose great sales, 14.1 million which is better than the Wall Street’s expectation and a 91 percent of a gain,  sets high hopes as an analyst, Van Baker told that everything was just great but the surprise remained with the gross margin issue.