iPad Update: Apple Launching IOS 4.2

iOS 4 is one of the most advanced mobile operating systems and soon, the iPad owners will enjoy more than 100 features and innovations of the 4.2 update: multitasking, directories, printing, etc.. (Not compatible with all models.)
Apple has released iOS 4.2 version 8C134 for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, so the releasing moment of the new operating system is approaching.
Steve Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, introduced iPod IOS 4.2 at iPod event in early September, showing the new features such as AirPlay – Wireless transmission of pictures, audio and video files to the new Apple TV or to another device in accordance with AirPlay. This is based on the AirTunes feature, which sends only audio files.
Jobs also showed completely new printing architecture in a wireless AirPrint, designed to enable users to print Web pages, emails, pictures, etc, using the new Print Center application, directly to a printer on the network.

It will be possible to run all your favorite applications – and will be able to change instantly on the screen – without slowing down the foreground application performance and without exhausting the battery. Multitasking is available for applications that were designed to run on IOS 4.

Organizing the applications in directories is simple to do, only drag and drop. Thus, the access to favorite folders it’s easier, as the search and management of thousands of applications.

iPad presents a brightness control of the screen. iPad will lose the lock screen orientation button; this will mute the sound, like the iPhone. This change has generated controversy not only because Apple refused to offer customers a choice of how the buttons work, but they also doubled this functionality.