Iran claims to have produced its own nuclear fuel rod

Iran has claimed that the work of the nation’s scientists has resulted in the country being able to produce a nuclear fuel rod for the first time. This is a unique engineering feat that Teheran has achieved. The Western countries had doubted that the nation had the capability of achieving this feat.

In the announcement that it made on Sunday, Iran has said that the nation had been forced to manufacture these fuel rods indigenously as international sanctions had banned the nation’s ability to procure the same from the foreign markets.

These nuclear fuel rods include within themselves enriched uranium pellets that is used for providing fuel to the nuclear operated power plants.

The website of the Iranian agency for atomic energy that this domestically manufactured rod has been inserted already into the nuclear research reactor at Teheran. It is not clear whether the rod that has been inserted contained pellets or had been inserted empty for testing purposes.

The Western countries dread that Iran’s program of uranium enrichment is aimed at constructing atomic weapons. The charge has been vehemently denied by Teheran.


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