Is this Alien’s Skull Form?

Is this Alien’s Skull Form?

A skull was found in Andahuaylillas, south of Quispicanchi province, Peru. The skull is so strange, sized almost 50 cm, so some parties questioned, is this Alien’s skull?

Renato Davila Riquelme who works for Privado Ritos Andinos Museum, the skull finder said, although it’s similar with human skull, but the hole in skull’s eye is larger than any human skull.

Another oddity, there’s soft part in school called fontanelle, which used to find in baby. Even so, the skull have two big molar-tooth which only found in adult.

Is this Alien’s Skull Form?

Riquelme said that three anthropologists from Russia and Spain had come to his museum. They concluded that the skull isn’t owed by human.

“Although the evaluation is still shallow, but can be assured that its features didn’t related with any ethnic in the world,” said Riquelme as quoted by Daily Mail.

Further analysis will be done. The existence of eyeball on the right side of eyehole in the skull made the scientist possible to do DNA analysis to make sure whether the skull really from Alien or not.

Beside this skull, there’s also found other fossil which seemed have no face. The fossil is covered by a layer, just like placenta.

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