Israel’s Attack Injured France Consuls and His Family

Israel’s Attack Injured France Consuls and His Family

France Consulate Officer in Gaza, Monday (14/11/2011), said that he and his daughter injured by Israel air-attack in Sunday night. Fetus in his wife’s womb was also died because of the attack.

Majdi Shakoura (44), Chief of France Consular in Gaza line, stated, glasses flew, hit his left legs, and injured his wife, Majida (42), also one of his 13 years old daughter. “My wife is two months pregnant and lost her baby,” he said to AFP News Office.

Israel’s Attack Injured France Consuls and His Family

Shakoura, who has France and Palestine citizenship, told that their house’s windows in western Gaza damaged because of Israel plane attack which destroyed Hamas Sea Police headquarters near him.

Israel action which launched after rocket attack to Israel from Gaza killed one Palestine in Sunday night and injured six more including two polices.

The person who died was identified as Mohammed Kilani (20), member of Gaza Sea Safeguard. One of the injured victim now in critical condition.

Israel spokesperson assured that one Air Force jet attacked center of ‘terrorists’ activities as reaction of rocket firing to Israel. Palestine partisan in Gaza Line shot rocket to south Israel in Sunday night without any victim or damage. “One rocket reached Shaar Hanegev region in northern Gaza,” said the Israel spokesperson.

This month, there was small incident around Gaza. The incident didn’t trigger war such as on October 29th to 30th when violences killed 12 Palestine partisan and an Israel citizen.

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