Israel Will Attack Iran Soon Next Month

Israel Will Attack Iran Soon Next Month

Israel will do military action to stop Iran developing nuclear weapon soon in Christmas, said some England Intelligent Leaders, just as quoted by Daily Mail.

According to British Foreign Minister, William Hague, report published by International Atom Energy Agency (IAEA), which is UN monitoring agency for nuclear weapon, related Iran nuclear ambition “really discredited” the Islamic country. Whereas along this time Iran denied the accusation by saying that their nuclear development is for peace.

Israel  Will Attack Iran Soon Next Month

IAEA in its report which presented openly in front of IAEA Governor Council in Vienna, Austria, Wednesday, said, the institution found that Iran has developed nuclear test facility, nuclear detonator, and computer modeling for nuclear warhead which would be installed on existing missile.

Some sources in British Government, as quoted by Daily Mail, said, acknowledged by some England top officers is, Israel will try to attack the Iran nuclear site. “Faster than later”. The attack will get logistic support from US.

A senior figure of British Foreign Ministry revealed, the ministers have been informed about Israel military action plan. He added: “we predicted it will happen soon in Christmas or in the beginning of New Year.”

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