Italian women Protested ‘Macho Culture’


Thousands Italian women, Sunday (11/12), did parade to claim bigger rights and end of discrimination. They also accused “macho culture” as the cause of financial crisis attack the country recently.


Their demonstration were followed the same protest in February, at that time, females called Italian Prime Minister at that time, Silvio Berlusconi, as ‘Basta’, since he’s famous with his playboy attitude. The ex-Prime Minister now faced court since paying sex service for 17 years old woman, something illegal according to Italian Law.

“Government has changed, but not country,” said Cristina Comencini, one of the movement’s leader “Se non ora guando?”, or “If not now, when it would be?”. “Woman wouldn’t leave. They said we want to work, have children, and become the core of growth plan (in this country),” said Comencini along the parade. The activity was done in Piazza del Popolo, in the middle of Rome Square. The organizer said 20.000 people came to attend the open meeting in the country’s capital city and other big cities, including Turin and Venice. The movement aimed to protect women’s rights, including right to work, assure support for youth mother and fight against discrimination.

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