Japanese police recapture inmate who escaped from prison clad in underwear

A manhunt, which had kept Japanese police on its toes, ended this Friday with the recapture of a Chinese prisoner, who had escaped from the Hiroshima prison, wearing only his underwear. This is nearly after two decades that a prison break has occurred in Japan.

Li Guolin, who had been sentenced to 23 years imprisonment for attempting a murder, was traced near a school in Hiroshima.

NHK, the public broadcaster of Japan showed footage in which police was seen capturing Guolin who was wearing a jacket and a ski cap that had been pulled down to cover his face. When arrested, he was in possession of a knife.

It is suspected that Li stole clothes from an apartment after jumping over the walls of the prison this Wednesday. He is also suspected of having stolen beer, as traces of his DNA were recovered from a can left behind. Other than confirming the arrest, police officials did not comment further. This is the first prison break in Japan since 1989.

A spokesperson of the government has apologized for this escape and promised stronger measures for preventing such incidents from happening again. Li took the advantage of wall sensors being turned off for repair work and scaled the 16-foot outer wall to escape the prison.

Li, who is apparently the gang leader of a suspected group of burglars had shot a police officer and stolen a police car. 800 officers were assigned the job of tracking down Li after he escaped from the Hiroshima prison. This is the first time anybody has been able to escape from this Hiroshima prison. He had taken advantage of an exercise session taking place outdoors, to escape.


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