Jennifer Mee, the “Hiccup Girl”, Confessed Murdering a Man

The 19 year old girl, Jennifer Mee from Florida, who astounded the world wide public by hiccuping for consecutively for 4 weeks has admitted her murdering a man and now have been charged with first-degree murder, according to police.

She was indicted along with two guys on Saturday for murdering the 22 years old Shannon Griffin who belonged to St. Petersburg, Fla.

According to the police, Jennifer Mee enticed the deceased guy into a house in St. Petersburg where her two other accomplices Lamont Newton, 22, and Laron Raiford, 20 robbed him while forcing him by pointing a .38-caliber revolver on his head.

In an official statement, police representative Michael Puetz said that the victim tried hard to get free from the grip of the alleged murderers as a result of which he was shot and brutally killed.