Jewish Would be Minority in Israel?


Jew can be minority ethnic in Israel if Palestine people are given voting rights in single Nation solution. Israel, country with 7,7 million citizens, traditionally is Jewish majority country with ethnic composition about 75 percent Jew, and 20 percent Palestine.


However, if region disputed in Gaza and West-side joined into a country with Israel, the population would be more than 11 million people. Its ethnical population would also get smaller, about 50 percent Jewish and 46 percent Palestine.

By birth level of Palestine which far thorough their neighbor (Israel), the experts said, Majority of Jew in one single country would be passed soon by Palestine. “We have two alternative,” said Professor Arnon Soffer from University of Haifi to CNN, Tuesday (1/11/2011).

“To keep majority, government shall be majority of Jewish, it means Apartheid. Or free Election, which means majority of Palestine (will rule) and (it means) the end of Jewish country.”

The problem called as “demographic time bomb” by Israel observer. Government policies, including Jewish immigration and natural growth, so far defending their majority.

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