Jobless Say Outsourcing And Age Discrimination Are The Biggest Concerns and the White House have team up on Facebook project that invites unemployed persons to address their inquiries to the Obama administration. Monster Keep America Working Facebook page, received 200 replies. Among them the most appealing discussions would be answered by the White House itself.

Mathew Henson of has quoted that his team has forwarded the completed list of the policy ideas and apprehensions which was received on the page. The White House is now preparing answers to the issues which are referring to age discrimination and outsourcing.

According to these questions the Job seekers and employees who range among 40s to 50s are in crucial situation. They are fighters who struggle the most and who are most vulnerable lot. Henson also expressed that pertaining to President’s Obama’s visit to Asia Outsourcing is the hot topic nowadays.

Henson told that tax cuts and their effects on one’s aptitude to add employment opportunities and frightening running out of unemployment advantages for 99ers.

The maturity and constructiveness of Facebook conversation has fully surprised the team.

He further continued that whenever one is involved in something like this, he or she is threaten to the uncertainty which politics gives birth to and when you are directly dealing with this game the clash of opinion would surface with some heated talk.

We want to talk this debate moderately.

The community of is very satisfied by the achievement of this project. They are really eager to arrange some more teamwork of this sort in near future.