Jong Un, The highest main leader of North Korea

Jong Un, The highest main leader of North Korea

North Korea declared the youngest son of late-communist dictator Kim Jong Il, who also crown prince and successor of mysterious country government, Kim Jong Un, Thursday (29/12/2011), as the highest ‘main’ leader.

Jong Un, The highest main leader of North Korea

The announcement was done along Jong Il funeral procession and stated by the chief of funeral implementation committee, Kim Yong Nan, to the funeral ceremony masses. Yong Nam also praised Jong Il as person who contributed to “global peace and stability in XXI century”.

“The Honorable Kamerad Kim Jong Un is the main leader of Party and Military, who heired the spirit, courage, leadership, personality, morality, and fortitude of Kim Jong Il,” said Yong Nam from podium as reported by Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

Further, Yong Nam added, North Korea will change grief into power and courage 1000 times under Jong Un leadership and would stand in a line to continue spirit and Songun (independency) as taught by Great Leader Jong Il. Songun policy and prioritizing military was applied by Jong Il to 1.2 millions of his soldiers than prioritizing the wealth of his 25 million citizens who mostly in hunger and poverty.

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