Kanye West’s Film ‘RUNAWAY’ Released

Kanye West has premiered yesterday his new film titled ‘Runaway’. The film is just 34 minutes long. It was released to the world wide public and fans of Kanye West through the Internet.

The short film contains excerpts from the nine new different songs of Kanye West and features Kanye himself as well as Selita Ebanks who is a lingerie model.

The official video of the film can be seen on the internet. The film portrays Selita Ebanks as a phoenix who falls down the earth and rams into it from a flaming meteor. Kanye coincidently finds the phoenix stretched in the centre of the road when he is passing by in his stylish sports car and pulls it over.

Selita is shown as all naked with only a few feathers around her back and shoulders. Some paint is covering her chest as well as her pubic area. In the film the character of Kanye West immediately falls in love with the character of Ebanks as a phoenix. Unfortunately, Kanye’s friends and other contacts don’t approve of her because of the extent of her differences from the rest of them.

Kanye West not only acted in the film, but also sang in it and directed it. His fans appear to like his innovation very much as evidenced by the poll and forums. One of them said on Twitter that Kanye proved to the world how talented he is and that the film Runaway was fantabulous.

Kanye West, 33 years old, has recently received a rush of negative comments after he gave his rude appearance at the winning moment of Taylor Swift at 2009 VMA award. Kanye told on his own that he received a lot of negative messages and hate-comments due to his above mentioned appearance.

The bottom line is, whether you are a die-hard fan of him or even if you hate him, you need to give the man applause and praise for the effort he has put into making this Runaway film a all time success.