Kim Jong Il’s Death Made US Plan in a Mess

Kim Jong Il’s Death Made US Plan in a Mess

Surprising death of North Korea leader, Kim Jong Il, ruined US plan and expectation to pursue the country stopped their nuclear program. Nowadays, US main priority and the nearest North Korea neighbor country is keeping stability in Korea peninsula.

Kim Jong Il’s Death Made US Plan in a Mess

Last week, US sent special representative to North Korea to talk about food aid from US deal as compensation of North Korea readiness to stop their uranium enrichment temporary. The deal announcement which would be developed step in the middle of negotiation of six parties to end nuclear program in North Korea would be done in Washington this week.

However, the plan was mess after North Korea television station broadcasted news of Kim Jong Il’s death, Monday (19/12/2011). US attention now focused to monitor North Korea situation development after Kim passed away.

US Foreign Affairs Department spokesperson, Victoria Nuland, said, the decision deal announcement was delayed since US government now focus in consulting with countries which worried about situation development in Pyongyang. Nuland also stated that US should respect the mourning time in North Korea and will continue the negotiation ‘at the right time’.

Strategy makers in Washington has worried the worst scenario, where Kim Jong Il died suddenly in the middle of power transition to his son, Kim Jong Un, hasn’t been fully completed, and North Korea started again talking about their nuclear removal. Now the worst scenario has happened.

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