Kim Passed Away, Japan held Security Meeting

Kim Passed Away, Japan held Security Meeting

Japan held an emergency security meeting, Monday (19/12/2011), to formulate the country’s reaction to the died of North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Il news report.

Kim Passed Away, Japan held Security Meeting

Several times after official Pyongyang media announcement about Kim’s dead, Japan Prime Minister, Yoshihiko Noda, cancelled speech and returned to his office. Noda then held meeting with Senior Ministers. “I know the report. I instructed to check the fact,” he said to the reporters after he returned to his office.

He said that he has asked the officers to strengthen intelligent agency’s data collection about North Korea, cooperating with US, China, and South Korea, also prepared for unexpected continuous development. Noda led the emergency meeting one hour after KCNA News Office Announcement. The meeting is predicted to be followed by Press Conference by Head of Parliament Secretary Osamu Fujimura, said the Government’s Spokesperson.

Japan Defense Minister, Yasuo Ichikawa, said, so far from detection done, there was no unusual military movement done by North Korea. “I’ve said to them (military leaders) to gather information and do overall monitoring,” he said after meeting with the Officials. “I haven’t received something unusual so far.”

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