Kuwait Protestants Sued Prime Minister to Resign

Kuwait Protestants Sued Prime Minister to Resign

Dozens of Kuwait citizens crowded Kuwait Parliament building, meanwhile, hundreds people demonstrated outside the building. They sued Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser al-Mohammad as-Sabah to resign his position.

Witnesses and local medias said, protestants who broke illegally to debate room, including some opposition parliament members who have been part of hundreds people who did protest outside the parliament building each week demanded Sheikh Nasser fired who they claimed as person who did corruption. “People want to impose the leader (government),” said shouting mass.

Kuwait Protestants Sued Prime Minister to Resign

The shouting reminded protestant shouting in Egypt, who on last February forced Hosni Mubarak to put his position after three decades been President.

Kuwait is save from mass protest such as the one which imposed Mubarak and Tunisia President, Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, because of its wealth system. However, the gulf country has been long facing political deadlock, and opposition has growth larger against Sheikh Nasser, member of influenced family who role the country.

Most of Kuwait news organization and witnesses said that Anti-Riot Police has hit the demonstrators when they gathered outside parliament building. A correspondent of Reuters News Office saw some ambulances on the region, but it’s still not clear whether any injured person or not.

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